Breguet Watches

Founded by A.L. Breguet in 1775, Breguet watches have long been seen as the benchmark for quality in watch making. Those responsible for development and production at Breguet have always traditionally been considered exemplars of horology, the science, and/ or art of time measurement.

Many new technologies have been created within the Breguet environment over the years, meaning that the brand has had huge influence on the development of the watch making industry as a whole, an influence often paid tribute to by watch lovers.

Based in Paris, A.L. Breguet set his mind to mastering the knowledge and practise of all aspects of time keeping when he started out, and his passion for the subject has been consistently passed down through the generations within the company. At the tail end of the 18th century, Breguet invented the tourbillon, which was designed to counteract the effect that gravity had on the functioning of a watch, and variations of which can still be found in some specialist watches today.

A huge number of technological and engineering advances were made by Breguet, including self-winding, shock protection and the balance spring to name but a few. The great man was famously commissioned by Marie Antionette to create a watch containing such diverse features as: a thermometer, a power reserve indicator, a calendar, and a chronograph stopwatch function, as well as being able to tell the time without fail of course.

During his lifetime, Breguet was involved in many ways with the influential sectors of society, from scientists through to the rich and powerful. The list of notable Breguet customers seems endless and boasts those royal, artistic and powerful in equal measure, as well as some fictional, in the form of literary characters in many famous novels.

The founder’s commitment to scientific and creative development has been continued by the company throughout its long history. Distinctive features of Breguet watches include their coin edge style cases, ‘pomme’ hands and the repetitive guilloche style employed within the dials. The company hosts a range of watch collections, for both gentlemen and ladies, varying in style and complexity.

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