Ebel Watches

With an impressive tagline ‘The Architects of Time’, Ebel watches comprise a formidable presence within the watch making world. The company was formed in 1911 at Chaux-de-Fonds by partners Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy, and would go on to achieve much recognition for excellence within the watch making field.

The exceptional personalities and talents of these two remarkable people created a dynamic, creative atmosphere in which an incomparable range of time pieces were created. Bringing different sets of skills in terms of engineering and technological expertise, but also artistic sensibilities, allowed the couple to deliver performance, functionality and beauty in equal measure.

The pair’s passion for the art and science of time keeping caused them to create a vast range of time pieces suited to an equally wide range of people, including the burgeoning shift at the time from pocket to wrist watches.

Ebel’s reputation was cemented in 1914, when the brand won recognition at the Swiss National Exhibition, being awarded as a gold medal. At this stage other watch manufacturers began using Ebel as a supplier, for watches that they would then sell under the banner of their own brands. Although widely regarded and respected within the watch making industry, Ebel were not at this stage known particularly in a commercial sense.

Charles Blum, son of the company’s founders, carried the brand on into the modern world, introducing technological developments and improving the brand’s production capability, while still maintaining a standard and commitment to excellence in the watch making craft.

The firm contributed to the development of the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, being widely considered experts in the field of accuracy and precision.

Ebel supplied watches to the British military during the Second World War, and throughout the 20th century continued to be associated with quality and extremely high standards in their trade.

Ebel watches are generally seen as iconic, timeless pieces of design, whose attractiveness shows no signs of diminishing. A continued commitment to engineering and design has seen the company grow from strength to strength, with a reputation as one of the most highly regarded powers in the world of watch making technology.

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