Jacob & Co Watches

Jacob & Co. started life in 1986, founded by Jacob Arabo, who had grown up in Russia and moved to the USA as a teenager, learning jewellery design and going on to have considerable success in the New York Diamond District.

As a jewellery designer, Jacob was worn by many prominent personalities, particularly in the music industry, including Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston among many others. This whipped up a real sense of desire for the designer’s pieces, and the brand has grown using this as its foundation.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Jacob & Co. moved into the timepiece making business, launching the first range in 2002, which was called the Five Time Zone Collection, and focussed on strong vibrant colours. Many of Jacob’s pieces, both jewellery and timepieces, were created specifically for particular celebrities such as Elton John, Bono, David Beckham and Justin Timberlake. His range in men’s jewellery and watches has been particularly noteworthy, and has had a huge impact on the world of men’s accessories in general.

The range developed further with automatic chronograph movements, showing an increase in sophistication, in terms of watch making technology, as well as in visual style. The vivid colours were extended to include subtler pastel shades and a more diverse range of visual flavour.

One of the most notable designs was ‘The World Is Yours’, which featured a world map image laid out in the diamond dial – this watch has gone on to receive much acclaim and recognition in the design stakes.

Jacob & Co.’s commitment to fashion was always unquestionable, but as the range of watches has developed, an increased focus on technological development has also emerged, particularly with regard to time zone mechanisms. The Rainbow Tourbillon selection shows a genuine belief in time keeping technology, together with an already well established use of colour to impressive effect.

For people who have a real passion for rare, stylish timepieces, as well as the finances to indulge it, Jacob & Co. produce some seriously exclusive ranges. The Royal and Diamond Tourbillon watch designs put them amongst some of the most valuable and coveted in the world today.

The approach to watch making at Jacob & Co. is characterised by both a desire to create fantastic functional pieces of time keeping technology, but also to create objects that people find visually inspiring and accessible. The pieces are equally important in design and artistic terms as in engineering terms.

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