Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix watches began life in 1961, with the creation of a workshop in Saignelegier. The Maurice Macroix models actually made their first appearance on the market a little later in Austria 1975, with recognition gradually spreading across Europe.

With a growing network for distributing the brand, the 1980s also saw the company acquire its own factory, which is considered an excellent centre for watch making technology and manufacture. As the 20th century drew to a close, the Maurice Lacroix brand enjoyed a burgeoning presence out-with Europe at various locations around the globe, including the Far East and the USA.

The manufacturing centre in Saignelegier has consistently seen investment and development in its production and technological capacity, to meet both increased demand and also a demand for quality and reliability in its product output.

The lines of watches produced by the brand have delivered impressive visual style together with a determined focus on engineering quality, leading in 2008 to the groundbreaking development of including memory in a mechanical watch, in the form of the Memoire 1 model. Other ‘complications’ included by the brand have included moon phase and Chronograph components.

The development of the Maurice Lacroix brand has had its focus both on style and functionality, with a healthy respect for the traditions of excellence in Swiss watch making together with an eye on modern technological advancements. The company’s extensive range of watch models offers a diverse set of styles and components to suit a range of modern customers.

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